Personalised Wooden & Acrylic Wayfinding Sign

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Color Jarrah

Let's create a modern and bespoke look to your wall/ door with our premium quality directional/ wayfinding sign or number/ name room signage. They are made of two layers: wooden background, laser cut acrylic layer.
• This location plaque/ plate is perfect for Apartment, Hotels, Office, Pet House, Guesthouses, Suites, Motel, Business, Company, Cafe, Restaurant, Mall, Nail Shop, Spa,Gym, etc or anything you can think of for indoor uses. Ideal for Housewarming, Grand opening's gifts, etc.
Our customised laser cut Wooden & Acrylic House Sign are made with the name and design of your choice.
Crafted from high quality Acrylic and Timber Laminate. To clean, simply wipe the signage with a damp cloth.

✔ PERMANENT and long lasting laser cut signage using high quality laser machine that will not fade in years to come, your signage will last life time.

✔ EASY INSTALLATION: Your sign comes complete with strong double sided adhesive tape which is easy to apply. Requested holes can be cut into the sign for a specific mounting ( Mounting hardware are NOT included ).

✔ FAST SHIPPING: Crafted and dispatched from Sydney, Australia. Ready to be shipped from 1-7 business days. Local Pick Up Available, please message us !


- 1 Row: 300W x 100H mm (11.8" x 3.9")

- 2 Rows: 300W x 180H mm (11.8" x 7.1")

- 3 Rows: 300W x 260H mm (11.8" x 10.2")

- 4 Rows: 300W x 340H mm (11.8" x 13.4")

- 5 Rows: 300W x 420H mm (11.8" x 16.5")

Material: Made of 2 layers:

- 3mm (0.11") Hardwood Layered Veneers (Laminate)

- 3mm (0.11") Laser Cut Gloss Black Acrylic Background. (Please let us know if you request other colour).

Technique: Laser Cut.
Personalise any design with available template design or custom logo, your own files.

1. Select your preferred wood colour

2. Choose size from the drop-down menu.

3. Check our Design's image. Type in your preferred style or any custom request & exact order you want it manufactured. You can add additional instructions in ( ) brackets. If you want to use your own logo, please attach/ send us your file once you finish . Please note to attach the highest resolution file as possible to avoid quality issues Not all files are scanned prior to manufacturing, if you're not sure, please send us an email after placing the order to confirm if the file is of an acceptable quality.

▸You can combine or pick any font, icon, style, etc between our provided designs, or choose not to include a line or icon for example. All artwork based on our available design is free of charge.

▸If you don't like any of our template and want to create your own bespoke artwork design, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, a small additional fee may apply.

Processing Time:

Upon placing an order, our dedicated team initiates the meticulous process of designing your artwork(s), collecting your item(s), crafting your personalised product(s), and carefully packaging it. The duration of production varies based on the chosen production process and the complexity involved. Please find below estimated turnaround times:

Item Type Processing Time* Rush Order
(25% Surcharge)*
Non-Personalised Items 1-2 business days -
Personalised Items 2-7 business days 1-2 business days
Signs & Hoops 3-10 business days 1-3 business days

 The provided processing time does not include the duration required for customer artwork approval. Timely responses to artwork confirmation emails are crucial, as any delays in approval will extend the overall processing time.
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Shipping Time:

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Our carriers estimate delivery times:

Region/Country Standard Shipping* Express Shipping*
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Middle East 6-12+ business days 4-8+ business days
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